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What is Flexkom International?

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Flexkom International is the first company in the world that offers mobile solutions or M-Commerce. Through their loyalty card system and the use of smart phones customer shopping will no longer be the same. Flexkom offers an international franchise opportunity. Flexkom motto is benefits for the people. This includes customers, merchants and distributors. Is Flexkom International a scam?

People are now hearing about Flexkom International, you are visiting this site because you want more information on the benefits and how having an international franchise with Flexkom can help you make more money. Success is only achieved by those who seek out opportunity and take action. Knowledge is king. Congratulations for taking the time to read my opinion on Flexkom International and how to get a home base franchise.

The world is moving to mobile technology and Flexkom International is leading the way. With the Flexcard and the Flexkom App loyalty programs will change. What does that mean? Similary we started with cd’s and now we have mp3. The desktop was king now it is dead for the tablet or the kindle. People are using their phones to do almost everything. Phones are used for shopping, chatting, reading, blogging, socialising and much more. This fact makes mobile marketing or M-Commerce the new wave for 2020. Would you want to be part of Flexkom International Business opportunity?

Flexkom International will be giving benefits to customers, merchants and distributors. This Flexkom International Review will define the benefits for all parties. Show the pros and the cons if you intend to be part ofand Join Flexkom International.

Flexkom International – Customer Benefits

As a customer of Flexkom International you will be issued a Flexcard or Flexapp. The Flexcard can only be given from an authorised distributor. There will be Flexkom International in United States, Australia, Canada, Austria, India, Portugal, South America, Jamaica, Switzerland, Slovenia and all major countries around the world. The key it to get your Global Team Member license and start building a local and international business.

The Flexcard will be activated and this will allow you to earn cash back on your purchases done at Flexkom Merchants (Flexkobi). The Flexapp can be attained in two ways. The app is to be downloaded on smartphones only. Visit the Play Store and look for the Flexkapp and it can be downloaded. However you will need a distributor code to activate the app. The other way is a term called kissing. Someone that has the app installed will create a code and by kissing the app is transferred to the other phone.

With the card or the phone the customer starts to earn cash back on everyday purchases. The benefit for the customer is that he is now able to accumulate cash back on several different purchases from different stores that are part of Flexkom International system.

Flexkom International – Merchant Benefits

Flexkom merchants are called Flexkobi (German for shop) and are the key to Flexkom success. Small to medium businesses are losing market share to the mega malls and the ever-expanding online shopping commerce. Flexkom International allows these businesses to compete as a global mega mall.

GPS is now a standard way of finding places that you need to locate. Flexkom Terminals will allow the customer to find the store. The Flexapp will allow customers looking for a product to see where a Flexkobi is located knowing that he will be able to get Flexmoney. This will benefit the merchant tremendously. Flexkobi’s are also given Flexapps and earn commissions when their customers shop at other Flexkob’s. At present do merchants earn money when thier loyalty card holders shop at other merchant stores? This will be possible with Flexkom International.

Flexkom International – Distributors

If financial freedom is a goal, then becoming a Flexkom Global Team Member is a solution. The GTM can purchase a license that will earn residual income. The GTM will earn commission from customers, merchants and other GTM. The system allows GTM to make money without selling a product rather they earn commission from buying everday items.

Imagine for a while you become a GTM and you sign up three GTM, you become a Marketing Manager and earn a percentage on the sale volume of these personally enrolled. Help those three get three and you will become a Sales Manger, you will now be getting bigger percentage of the sales volume. Help those three to get three and you become a Sales Director, the percentage gets even bigger. The Sales Director becomes the Regional Coordinator and earns additional commission with Flexkom International.

There are different packages being offered by Flexkom International Holding Ltd. At present there is the Junior Team Member (JTM), The Business Member (BM), Global Team Member (GTM) and a VIP. The benefits increase as the price increases.The first two options are local opportunities and the next two are international opportunities. The cost also relates to your income potential meaning the percentage earned will be greater based on the chosen package.

A con on Flexkom can be the price. The cost is not the normal or average for a MLM opportunity. This makes it not affordable to the average person. But it also makes it something to aspire for based on the residual income that will be forth coming.

How To Buy A Franchise – Flexkom International

With a GTM license you own your franchise and this can enroll people from other countries. Build a global team and become a National Director. The compensation plan is designed to give the smart GTM the goal of Fincial Freedom.

After reading the business plan of Flexkom International I had my doubts. However after weighing the pros and the cons I started to market the opprotunity. With only 6 directs personally sponsored I made three times my investment. My team is now over 200 persons.

When the terminals are rolled out to the merchants residual earnings will be over $10,000.00 USD per month every month. Can that income change your life? It will mine and I live on a small island of only 1.3 million. Do you want to make more than 3 times my earnings? Fill out the form and as me how. Lets connect and work together.

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Sales Manager -Flexkom International

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Flexkom is a business opportunity and being on the right team is important. Global Franchise Partners must be refered to the Flexkom Opportunity. Join our team to get results.

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The following are the steps to register with Flexkom International:

  • Please use Google Chrome and Click Here.
  • Click on the tab – Coordinators
  • Click on Sign Up
  • Type in reference # 490649
  • Then click next
  • Click on the part of the globe you live
  • Click on the flag of your country
  • Fill out the required information
  • On completion you will receive your Flexkom Ref #
  • Payment can be made via wire transfer or paypal

Flexkom International has the potential to change your finacial future. There are more parts to the Flexkom Opportunity. If you found this information helpfull or have a question feel free to leave me a comment. Fill out the form and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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