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Flexkom International-North America

FLexkom – Stage 1

The Flexkom model is rolled out in three stages. The first stage is the sales development.Global Franchise Partners refer or sponsor other partners into the Flexkom International Opportunity. Countries will only have a limited number of positions available. This wll be based on population, economy and other factors determined by Flexkom. This means that it is extremly important that you take the opportunity to get your Franchise because when they are sold out there will be no more.

Flexkom – Stage 2

The customer base is the next stage. Franchise Partners are give 100 loyalty discount cards preloaded with $20.00 Flex money or 1000 Flex Apps preloaded with $2.00 Flex money. Mercahnts all want more customers because the more customers you have the more profits for the merchant. This allows the Franchise Partners to give cards or app to thier friends, family and loved once first. Upon registering a customer is locked in to your network.

Flexkom – Stage 3

Flexkom merchants are signed up and are ready to give ALL loyalty card holders discounts. Merchants are able to view online the number of Flexkom customers within a set radius of his store. Merchants will also have the ability to send messages to these customers alerting them instantly of any specials or discounts he may be offer. This will save the merchant from paying for advertisement and allow increase traffic to his business.

Flexkom will be the one loyalty card of the future. Take action today and become part of the global expansion and earn passive income for life. When you join now you will be ahead of the pack and be able to build a team. Do you want to be part of the leaders? Sign up Now! – Click Here.


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